What is the maximum temperature that Teflon tape can withstand?

Using glass fiber as the base cloth, coated with Teflon emulsion and dried by mechanical equipment, a new type of composite Teflon glass fiber cloth is made. On the basis of Teflon glass fiber cloth, it is processed and coated with silicone adhesive to make Teflon high temperature resistant tape. Adding other processes in the production process can be made into special-purpose high-temperature resistant Teflon tape, such as Teflon tape with anti-static properties.

Due to different production processes and raw materials, the acceptable Teflon tape max temp is different. The film and glue on the Teflon tape directly affect the temperature effect of the Teflon tape.

The common Teflon high temperature tape can work normally in an environment of 260 degrees and can withstand an instantaneous high temperature of 300 degrees. Some customized Teflon high temperature tapes can work in a high temperature environment of 320 degrees.

Teflon tape is a new type of composite material, which has a wide range of uses. It not only has the strength of glass cloth, but also has the safety of Teflon food grade. At the same time, it has the conditions for working in high temperature environments. More and more industries are in use. Common ones include: packaging, thermoplastics, compounding, sealing heat sealing, electrical and electronic industries. In addition, Teflon high temperature tape can be reused in some special environments, such as in the drum of sizing machine and thermoplastic demoulding field. Teflon tape can be used repeatedly, and it is very convenient to replace.

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