High temperature Teflon cloth is a high-performance, multi-purpose new composite material product, with the advantages of high temperature resistance and high tensile strength. At present, in addition to being used in machinery, printing and dyeing, clothing, food and other industries, it is also used in the optoelectronic industry. It can be used for a long time within 260°C for 24 hours, and can reach a high temperature of 380°C in a short time; the product has a long service life, and the average can reach 3000 times; the product surface is divided into smooth or various weaving patterns. Some customized high temperature Teflon cloths last longer.

  • High temperature Teflon cloth can be used as solar photovoltaic vacuum laminate cloth

With the promotion of clean energy and the vigorous development of solar energy, high temperature Teflon cloth now has an important use, and high temperature Teflon cloth is used as a solar photovoltaic vacuum laminate cloth.

When used as a solar laminate fabric, when the laminate presses the solar photovoltaic module, the high temperature Teflon cloth is used as a cover cloth or a cushion cloth, which is placed on the upper and bottom layers of the photovoltaic module to take advantage of its anti-adhesive properties. Prevent EVA film and other substances from sticking to the laminate under the influence of high temperature.

  • High temperature Teflon cloth can be used as a conveyor belt for solar panels

In the photovoltaic industry, high-temperature Teflon cloth can be used as a conveyor belt in addition to being used as a laminate cloth in the solar photovoltaic vacuum layer.

High temperature Teflon cloth can be used as the conveyor belt in the laminate. The battery panels in the automatic laminate need to be transported through a high temperature resistant and anti-stick conveyor belt. However, the inside of the laminate is evacuated, and the surface of the cloth must be textured, and the cloth must not be sucked. The tension of the conveyor belt cannot be too high when it is conveyed. Under such conditions, Teflon conveyor belts made of Teflon high-temperature cloth come in handy.

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