The factory producing Teflon coated glass fabric should pay attention to environmental protection and employee safety

As a factory specializing in the production of Teflon series products, we deeply understand that environmental protection and safety matters are very important for the entire factory.

For example, the workshop of Teflon coated glass fabric we produce, every time Teflon high-temperature cloth is cut, there will be fine glass fiber filaments floating in the air.

Teflon coated glass fabric is made from glass fiber fabric and Teflon emulsion, with the production of Teflon coated glass fabric, continuous cutting, continuously increasing the number of glass fiber filaments floating in the air, when the number accumulates to a lot, if the worker stays in the workshop for many years, the glass fiber filaments may enter the worker’s body through the hair, skin, blood and pores, causing health risks.

In view of this situation, it is recommended that workers wear protective clothing and gloves when working. And as a worker’s assessment requirements, it is mandatory for workers to wear complete. At the same time, the workshop should be ventilated, and a humidifier should be installed to increase the air humidity and reduce the concentration of floating glass fiber filaments in the workshop air.

Teflon coated glass fabric should also be dealt with in environmental protection.

Because Teflon coated glass fabric has corrosion resistance, insoluble in acid and alkali chemical solvents. This is the product advantage of Teflon coated glass fabric, but it is also a disadvantage for discarded Teflon coated glass fabric. Because of the existence of these characteristics, the discarded Teflon coated glass fabric is difficult to be decomposed by the soil.

As a factory producing Teflon high-temperature cloth, we call on our peers to work together, we should pay attention and take action whether it is the protection of the safety of life of production workers or the treatment of environmental protection.

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