Why some high temperature Teflon adhesive tapes will Degum ?

Because of the price , it is easy for the factory to purchase unqualified Teflon tape, some because of the low requirements for Teflon tape, no abnormalities were found during use. However, some unqualified Teflon tapes may cause residual glue or even overflow glue.

In order to make it clear that these problems occur, we need to understand three points of knowledge about the manufacture of Teflon tape

First, high-temperature Teflon tape is different from Teflon raw tape. The production process of high-temperature Teflon tape is relatively complicated. The raw material emulsion for the production of high-temperature Teflon tape contains chemical components. During production, the staff must strictly control the speed and temperature of the equipment, and the quality of the Teflon tape will be directly affected by the fluctuation.

For example, when the temperature is too high, the produced Teflon tape is prone to overflowing.

Second, the sensitive adhesive used in the production of high-temperature Teflon adhesive tape is cured by baking and heating. If the equipment runs too fast during production, the actual curing of the sensitive adhesive will be insufficient, resulting in the production of special adhesives. It is common to find that some unqualified Teflon tapes are not sufficiently viscous, which is probably due to this problem.

Third, the Teflon tape produced from the coating machine is only a semi-finished product. In order to fully combine the glue and the high-temperature Teflon cloth, it needs to be left alone for 2 to 3 days to let the glue fully cure in a natural state. After curing, the high temperature Teflon adhesive tape will be cut through the equipment.

If the factory floor management of high-temperature Teflon tape is not standardized, or if unqualified raw materials are purchased in order to save costs, the resulting of high-temperature Teflon tape is likely to have insufficient viscosity .

As a factory specializing in the production of high-temperature Teflon adhesive tape, we believe that “there are no cheapest products, only the most suitable products.” The temperature that high temperature Teflon adhesive tape withstands when using is different, the corresponding production cost is also different. When purchasing high-temperature Teflon tape, you must understand your needs. Don’t blindly choose the cheapest Teflon tape, but choose the most suitable Teflon tape.

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