How to repair the damaged PTFE conveyor belt

PTFE conveyor belt is made of PTFE and glass fiber by special workmanship, so the PTFE belt is easily to worn out by sharp edges. We pay attention to maintenance during use, but still scratched or torn due to wrong operation. We must repair immediately once the PTFE conveyor belt is damaged.

How to repair the damaged PTFE conveyor belt?

Polishing the damaged part of the PTFE belt with sandpaper and wiping the polished surface with alcohol.
Placing a high-temperature hot-melt adhesive (transparent film) slightly larger than the polished surface on the damaged part, then putting the same size thin high-temperature resistant cloth on the high-temperature adhesive, to heat press the PTFE cloth by a high-temperature iron (temperature reaches 380-400℃), about 3 minutes each mold, until the high temperature cloth, glue and belt are firmly sticked together.

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