CNC cutting machine for cutting various sizes and shapes of PTFE fabric

PTFE coated fiberglass fabric is made of high-grade glass fiber fabric, after unique process technology, it is produced into high temperature resistant cloth with various thicknesses and widths. PTFE coated fiberglass fabric has strong coating performance, high strength and good mechanical properties. Because of the non-stick and anti-stick properties of PTFE coated fiberglass fabric, many people use it as a good helper for the kitchen – Baking mats.

* Stable size, high strength and small elongation coefficient.
* Good temperature resistance, continuous working temperature -70 ° C -300 ° C.
* Small coefficient of friction, good insulation.
* Good anti-sticking, no burning, anti-aging.
* Good corrosion resistance, resistance to various strong acid and alkali corrosion.

PTFE coated fiberglass fabric is rolled when it is manufactured on the production line. As shown below.

If we want to cut a roll of PTFE coated fiberglass fabric into sheet-shaped of baking mats, we need to use automatic CNC cutting machine. The below video shows that we are cutting white color Teflon grill mats. Just enter the mat size parameter in the computer, the machine will cut the product to the specified size.

If you need Teflon grill mats, whether bulk purchase or retail purchase, please feel free to contact us via email [email protected] . In addition, we have a warehouse in California of the USA. If you are in America, we will send out the goods from our US warehouse within 24 hours after you paid.

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