How to prevent the deviation of Teflon mesh conveyor belt

Teflon mesh conveyor belt is made of fiberglass coated with Teflon emulsion, according to different warp and weft, it is divided into single and double weft. With high temperature resistance, weather resistance, anti-aging, non-toxic, high strength, fire retardant, breathable, acid and alkali advantages, it has been widely used in all walks of life. In order to extend its life, what should we pay attention to in the use of maintenance process?

As technology advances and the tireless efforts of manufacturers, Teflon mesh conveyor belt technology has been very mature. Previously, the phenomenon of deviation often occurs, but now happened very seldom, which does not mean there is no such phenomenon, so it should also be guarded when we use, preventing the deviation, reducing unnecessary trouble, to ensure the normal operation of production.

Teflon mesh conveyor belt in the machining process, the quality of the joint is very important, The joint quality affects whether the Teflon mesh belt will appear deviation. Second, any of the details of the installation process may affect whether it will appear deviation, so the installation should pay attention to the details of the problem; Teflon mesh belt in the operation process, to strengthen the inspection and maintenance, if you find the problem to be resolved in time. When loading to ensure that no deviation; Finally, check the cleaning device regularly to ensure proper operation.

How to adjust Teflon mesh conveyor belt when it’s deviated?

If the Teflon mesh belt deviation range is relatively small, we can install aligning roller in the conveyor belt deviation; If the Teflon mesh conveyor belt suddenly left and right and the deviation is uncertain, maybe the Teflon mesh conveyor belt is loose, we can make appropriate adjustments to tighten the device to eliminate deviation. If the Teflon mesh conveyor belt has remained to the side of the deviation, a number of vertical rolls can be installed within this range, So that the Teflon mesh conveyor belt to restore the original location, If the deviation of the largest position in the joints, we can correct the Teflon mesh conveyor belt joints and conveyor belt center line vertical to eliminate the deviation; If the Teflon mesh conveyor belt deviation in the roller, maybe there is some problem in roller, to adjust the roller to the horizontal position to rotate and the deviation can be solved. If the direction and distance of the Teflon mesh conveyor belt deviation are certain, we can pad a number of high roller in the direction of the opposite side of the run to eliminate the deviation; If the direction of the deviation does not change, maybe the middle of the roller and the Teflon mesh conveyor belt is not in the same vertical line, checking and adjusting the roller to eliminate the deviation; if deviation point unchanged, some appendages found while checking trailer and roller, the deviation can be eliminated after removing the appendages; If the direction and location of the deviation does not change, but the deviation is very serious, it may be that the scaffold level and verticality are incorrect and can be adjusted to the correct position.

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