How does the Teflon mesh conveyor belt run on the dryer?

The principle of drying the material on the dryer

1.The staff puts the material into the inner layer of the rotary drum, the material is continuously picked up and scattered under the inner propeller to complete the heat exchange.

2.The material moves to the other end of the inner layer and enters the middle layer, In the middle layer, the material will be continuously pushed in continuously, which absorbs the heat of the inner roller and absorbs the heat of the middle roller while extending the drying time, the material arrives in the best dry form here.

3. Drying the material to the other end of the middle layer and falling into the outer layer. When the material is in the outer layer of the drum, the material that has achieved the drying effect will quickly travel out of the drum under the action of hot air. The wet material that has not reached the drying effect cannot travel fast due to its own weight, and the material that cannot be quickly traveled is sufficiently dried in the rectangular copy board, thereby completing the purpose of drying.

The heating plates for drying by the dryer are generally three groups, and each group consists of four, five, and six heating plates.

In order to achieve the best temperature for the drying effect, we must do the following in its settings:

  • To ensure the solidification of the paste, and at the same time adjust the moisture content of the corrugated board, the two can not be neglected.
  • According to the water content of the single-faced corrugated board, the pressure reducing valve can be adjusted at any time to make the dryer reach the appropriate temperature, which not only ensures the solidification of the paste, but also ensures that the moisture content of the final formed corrugated board is moderate.
  • The length of the dryer cooling section also has an inevitable effect on the moisture content of the board. When the cooling section is too short, the water cannot be volatilized in real time. At this time, it is necessary to increase the amount of air supplied by the department to achieve the purpose of drying.
  • In the setting adjustment, it is guaranteed that the dryer does not stop working. When the water content is too high, the speed is slowed down, and when the water content is too low, the vehicle speed is increased, thereby ensuring the use of the industrial food conveyor belt dryer.

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