Causes of breakage in the use of Teflon high temperature cloth in UV curing machine and precautions for use

Recently, some customers have consulted our engineers that when using teflon high temperature cloth in UV curing machine, why do some teflon high temperature cloth take a long time to use, and some teflon high temperature cloth will break.

Jiujiang PTFE Materials Co., Ltd, we are specializing in the production of Teflon products, we give you some suggestions as following.

The reason why high temp teflon cloth breaks when used in UV curing machine:

  • For some UV curing machines, the length of the roller is not the same on both sides, this situation will be obvious after careful inspection.
  • The active electric drum, the driven roller and the tension roller adhere to irregular drops, easily cause large-area breakage of the high temp teflon cloth.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you clean drops regularly.

The tips for the use and storage of teflon coated cloth:

  • In the transmission, pad rags, leading, etc. can be used to avoid damage to the ribs; the rigging should not be used during installation, and wooden shafts or steel pipes can be used to avoid damage to the base belt and the ribs.
  • Teflon coated cloth has higher requirements on the drum than the ordinary belt. Under normal circumstances, it is larger than the diameter of the drum used in the ordinary belt, so the large-diameter roller is preferred.
  • The teflon coated cloth must be transported by the roller and the carrier pulley in the UV light curing machine to avoid the slippage of the high temperature cloth during operation.

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