How to avoid Teflon tape adhesive residue and degumming

There are a lot of Teflon tapes on the market that can cause adhesive residue or degumming. These problems increase the production cost of customers, reduce the quality of products, and greatly increase the cost of mechanical maintenance.

Why is there a phenomenon of adhesive residue and degumming?

  • At the time of nanocrystallization, the nano-coating was uneven due to technical reasons, this will cause that somewhere of Teflon cloth can’t be coated with adhesive, so the degumming problem will occur
  • In order to reduce production costs and win more market share, many companies use a lot of inferior materials
  • Different use environments and operating temperatures can also cause adhesive residue or degumming. Because different manufacturers choose different glues, there are hot pressure sensitive adhesive, silica gel, acrylic glue, etc. Different types of tapes have different temperature resistance
  • If the Teflon tape is left for a long time, the coating will be aging, causing the coating to peel off, thus the degumming problem occurs;

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