Five reasons for PTFE mesh belt deviation

The most feared food production enterprises in the production process are not power outages, water cuts, insufficient raw materials, equipment damage, etc., but the Teflon mesh belt on the drying equipment is deviated. Once the drying mesh belt is deflected and cannot be adjusted in time, it not only seriously damages the mesh belt itself, but also greatly reduces the production efficiency of the food enterprise. Therefore, food enterprises should classify the problem of Teflon mesh belt deviation as a common emergency in the daily production process.

Jiujiang PTFE Materials Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in the production and sale of Teflon conveyor belts. According to the customer’s five points of deviation from the belt, food companies can correct them according to their specific conditions.

  • The position of the driving wheel and the passive wheel are not parallel, the center line of the active/passive wheel is not a line, and the center line of the driving wheel is not perpendicular to the passive wheel;
  • The PTFE mesh belt is aged, the edge is damaged, the material is placed in the wrong position, and the length of the mesh belt is elongated;
  • The diameter of the driving wheel and the driven wheel is too small, causing the mesh belt to slip and run off;
  • The installation and placement of load-bearing rollers is also an important reason, all load-bearing roller installation must be horizontal and parallel;
  • Manually adjust the screw mounting position or the distance is incorrect.

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