Teflon coated cloth for paint bags

Teflon coated cloth has anti-adhesive properties, it is very easy to clean, and attaches various oil stains on the surface, almost all adhesive substances such as stains or pastes, resins, paints, etc. can be easily removed.

Because of the characteristics of Teflon coated cloth, we can make it into a paint bag. The practice is as follows: firstly cut the corresponding Teflon coated cloth according to the size (thickness is about 0.35mm, such a paint bag is light, strong, and relatively low cost), then use F46 film pad on both sides of the coated cloth. Put the middle of the cloth on the press machine, the temperature is raised to 320 degrees and pressed down (the time is about 30 seconds), so that the Teflon coated cloth can be effectively stuck and not easily separated, This can effectively make the Teflon coated cloth stick and not easy to separate, so that the paint will not overflow from both sides, and the bottom of the bag will be closed and will not be exposed.

The safety of Teflon paint bag
Teflon paint bag has excellent release, abrasion resistance, low friction coefficient and corrosion resistance. It can maintain its original physical form during -170 ° C ~ +260 ° C temperature processing without deformation. More importantly, the bag is non-toxic, odorless and tasteless. Teflon coated cloth has been approved by the US FDA for wide application in food processing, packaging and other processing fields, and can be used with confidence.

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