How to properly repair the tearing part of Teflon high temperature cloth

When the Teflon high temperature cloth is scratched or torn during use, it must be immediately shut down for repair work to prevent the tearing of the high temperature cloth from getting bigger and bigger.

Occasionally, customers contact our engineers at [email protected] to reflect that they have experienced tearing in the use of Teflon high temperature cloth. We specially ask our engineers for help. How to repair such Teflon high temperature cloth?

After several years of discovery, different degrees of tear repair methods are also different. Today, I mainly talk about the common repairing scheme of the tearing mouth of Teflon high temperature cloth:

  • Grind the tearing part of the high temperature cloth with a grinder and polish the tearing part until the surface of the tearing part appears rough.
  • Clean the polished surface (methanol or xylene can be used), then place the F46 film on the sanding surface, place a layer of high temperature cloth on the top, and finally pass the high temperature cloth and film through a 400 degree high temperature heat sealing joint machine. The sanding surfaces are bonded together.

Jiujiang PTFE Materials Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in the production and sale of Teflon high temperature fabrics. We offer Teflon high temperature fabrics at various price points. Our engineers remind you that different environments require different quality Teflon high temperature cloths. The best way to solve the tearing problem is to use the environment and quality products. You can contact us at [email protected] for free quality samples of Teflon high temperature cloth.

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