Teflon Conveyor Belt Used in Printing Machine

Printing machines are no longer limited to printing paper and fabrics. More and more products are beginning to try printing patterns and DIY various items. The Teflon conveyor belt is a very useful accessory on these printing machines.

We produce Teflon conveyor belts specially used on printing machines. These conveyor belts have various meshes and good air permeability. They are very suitable for textile printing and dyeing, printing drying belts, screen printing and other fast drying and general moisture content items Drying equipment.

The Teflon conveyor belt used on the printing machine has very good high temperature resistance and can work for a long time in a high temperature environment of 200°C to 340°C. The friction coefficient of the Teflon conveyor belt is small, and the Teflon conveyor belt itself has good insulation and non-stick properties.

For the Teflon conveyor belt on the printing machine, we provide a reinforced Bull nose joints. The belt with this type of joint has a long service life and can withstand large instantaneous traction. In addition, we also provide Teflon joints such as butt-type joints, Overlapping joints, thinned lap joints, steel buckle joints, etc., to meet the use of different equipment environments.

Our conveyor belt edging methods are mainly: Teflon membrane edging, Kevlar cloth edging and Teflon cloth edging.

Different printing machines have different requirements for width, we provide 50mm-1500mm wide Teflon conveyor belts. For ultra-wide equipment, we support customizing wider Teflon conveyor belts or adopting double-latitude Teflon conveyor belts.

The performance parameters of Teflon conveyor belts produced from different raw materials are inconsistent, and the prices are also different. We provide Teflon conveyor belts made of high-strength glass fiber and Kevlar. Select Teflon emulsion with various performance characteristics, and the final Teflon conveyor belt produced has different characteristics, such as higher temperature resistance and good anti-static performance.

The performance of similar Teflon conveyor belts will be very different. Jiujiang PTFE is a factory specializing in the development and production of Teflon conveyor belts. If you need Teflon conveyor belts, please contact our engineer at [email protected] for free samples of Teflon conveyor belts. We provide professional technical guidance.

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