Main Reasons For The Upturned Edge Of Teflon Tape

Because of excellent properties of Teflon tape like high temperature resistance, anti-adhesion and so on, it is widely used in many industries, such as product packaging, electrician, textile sizing, plastic welding and so on.

But sometimes the edge of Teflon tape will be upturned, which seriously affecting production efficiency and increase production costs. What is the cause of this?

  • Improper Adhesive
    Weak Glue viscosity or the problems of adhesive quality will cause warping, so we need to choose the good-quality adhesives that sticky should be strong.
  • The poor tension control of Teflon tape coating will also cause warping.
    If the label that coating tension too tight removed from the bottom paper, the label will be upturned, resulting in the label edge degumming, upturning.
  • The unreasonable shape design of Teflon tape labeling will also cause warping
    If the surface of the labeling range is partially spherical, the lower end of label is easy to wrinkle on both sides when the paper label area is large.

In general, in the case of using the same adhesive, the thicker the substrate of Teflon tape, i.e. high temperature cloth, is, the more easily its edge upturned. And modern industry is mostly mass production, and Teflon tape production is no exception, in addition to special customization. Different thickness of the Teflon almost adopts the same kind of adhesive. Therefore, according to the actual requirements to choose the appropriate thickness, Teflon tape is not the thicker the better. If you have special requests, please contact [email protected]. Our engineers will respond to you within 24 hours.

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