How To Distinguish The Glue Quality Of Teflon Tape

There are a lot of Teflon tape manufacturers on the market who use inferior glue to save costs, such Teflon tapes are unacceptable. How to distinguish the glue in Teflon tape?

Teflon tape is mainly brown, black, white, red and green color, the color of the Teflon tape commonly found on the market is mainly brown or black. These two colors of Teflon tape are mainly used for high temperature resistance, shielding, insulation, etc., majorly used in the electronics industry, food industry, and machinery industry.

There are two easy methods to distinguish if the glue in Teflon tape is good or bad.
In the first method, the Teflon tape is pinched and then pulled open quickly, so that the glue on the side of the Teflon tape can be pulled off, and then you can see the purity and transparency of the original glue. The most important thing is to see the thickness of the glue. If the glue is not pulled apart or pulled out in a dotted manner, the glue is problematic, it is very likely that there are a lot of impurities, which makes the glue not sticky. Otherwise, it means the glue contains too much water and has been completely or partially volatilized, such Teflon tape’s adhesion to steel has dropped very sharply, and we can directly distinguish it by hand.
The second method is to coat the Teflon tape on the object. The better the viscosity, the thicker the glue and the better the quality.

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