Description of the tension problem of Teflon mesh conveyor belt

Teflon mesh conveyor belt has been widely used in various transportation industries. It has become a more common conveyor belt. Many users are very comfortable in adjusting the tension of Teflon mesh conveyor belt during use. It is the wrong behavior.

Some users in the daily maintenance, in order to save trouble, directly adjust the tension of the Teflon mesh conveyor belt, which is convenient and easy. However, the situation in which the tension of the Teflon mesh belt is large will greatly reduce the service life of the Teflon mesh belt and the machine equipment, because the tension is too large, resulting in the Teflon grid. The pressure between the conveyor belt and the machine increases, and the degree of wear increases, which is not conducive to daily maintenance and maintenance, and will also affect the quality of the product to some extent.

Some Teflon mesh conveyor belts are used to adjust the conveyor belt very loosely (small tension), which is also wrong, we need to adjust the tension a little, so as to prevent slipping or loosening, but like the above said, and the tension cannot be made too big.

The specific tension control needs to be determined according to the specific environment of the Teflon mesh conveyor belt.

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