Why A Long Span Of Teflon Conveyor Belt Will Have A Deviation

Many automation companies, a production line will have a long distance, the Teflon conveyor belt used will also be a long-span conveyor belt. Customers have doubts before buying, will the Teflon conveyor belt, which is so long span, be easy to deviate when it is working?

If the deviation occurs during production, it will have a great impact, which directly affects the production efficiency of the production line. Is the Teflon conveyor belt easy to deviate? What is the problem caused by the deviation of the Teflon conveyor belt?

During the operation of the Teflon conveyor belt, sometimes the deviation will occur. In general, the deviation of the conveyor belt caused by the Teflon conveyor belt itself is uncommon, the deviation of the Teflon conveyor belt is mainly the reason of the conveyor. The conveyor can cause the Teflon conveyor belt to deviate due to the fact that the rollers are not parallel, the brackets are not vertical, and the rollers are not flexible. For the relatively short conveyor belt, due to the inflexibility of the single-side roller rotation and the possibility of other factors, the Teflon conveyor belt is more likely to be deviated. On the long conveyor belt, the asymmetry of the one-sided influence will be reduced due to the increase in the number of rollers, so the deviation occurring on the conveyor belt will be less. Of course, except in a few cases, such as, when the aligning roller is not flexible or tilted, the surface of the roller is not clean enough, or the external environment, etc., these can cause the conveyor belt to deviate.

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