Which is the Best Conveyor Belt for Food Grade Salt

Food safe relate to our human life, everyone eat salt everyday, during salt manufacturing, conveyor belt participate directly in processing, which is the best convey belt, how do we choose it?
Science and technology are first important thing in industry manufacturing, all industries are focus on scientific and technological development and are producing and developing in a more efficient and reasonable way, both technology and materials are changing every time. The automation, unmanned, dust free and intelligent of machinery have changed our lives. Same as processing industry, need manufacturing way and new food processing equipment have also entered a new development transformation stage.
Conveyor belt used in food salt processing, this requires that conveyor belt should be processed non toxic materials, the belt surface should be smooth, easy to clean, mold proof and reduce bacterial breeding, good to transport food and food raw materials. In this case, old conveyor belt with cloth layer can not meet these requirements.
Teflon conveyor belt has been widely used in food industrial, it is high temperature resistance, can be used for a long time at -180 degree to 260 degree, the surface friction coefficient is very low, it is anti stick conveyor belt also. More and more people love to use this conveyor belt in their food processing.

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