How to make overlapping joint of Teflon conveyor belt

Teflon conveyor belt, like all conveyor belts, must be connected into endless belt before putting into use. As we all know, whether Teflon conveyor belt can run smoothly and its service life are depends on the quality of conveyor belt joint directly. Therefore, the joints of Teflon belt are very important, and the most ideal is, of course, accomplished by skilled technicians from manufacturers with professional equipment. However, in many cases, the length of the conveyor belt is uncertain or no metal accessories can be put on the conveyor belt, so the heat press joint must be adopted.

There are several types of heat press joints: overlapping type (lap joint), butt joint type, and finger type (tooth joint). However, the latter two require too much to operator, and we generally recommend easy-operation joint to customers. Now we will specify in detail how to make the PTFE overlapping joint:

To heat up the high temperature ironing board or iron to 380 °C , qualified customers can use high temperature iron (with temperature control and without temperature control).

To clean the joint of the belt by cotton cloth with alcohol or white wine.

To lay a flat, high temperature resistant and non-thermal conductive plate under the joint, it’s better to put a few layers more flat, alkali-free fiberglass fabric.

The width of the joint overlapping shall be according to the length of the belt, generally 3-10cm, the excess part shall be cut off, and then aligned the upper and lower sides to ensure they are on the same line.

To place the high temperature hot melt adhesive F46 film between the overlapping part of the belt, thicker joint film F46 film is preferred.

To press the joint to slowly and back-forth with iron (about 3 minutes each mold), properly pressed during the ironing process, and repeat several times until it sticks.

It’s proven out by years of practice that the heat press overlapping joints are the most effective, only need careful operator. It is best to check again after sticking. You can use a ruler to pull it from the edge of the seal or use your finger to pull it. If there is a gap, it is necessary to press continuously or fill F46 film then press.

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