Demoulding Function of Teflon High Temperature Cloth

Teflon high temperature cloth that is invented by the DuPont Company in United States is a new type of demoulding material, which can replace the old-fashioned release agent. It uses PTFE and fiberglass cloth as the main raw materials, and adopts a unique impregnation process.

Teflon high temperature cloth is now widely used in a variety of rubber and plastic molds. For example: synthetic rubber conveyor belt, tires, shoe mold, rubber crawler, rubber pad, manufacturing polyethylene mold, rubber conveyor belt, the mold of epoxy and phenolic resin products and so on.

Several advantages of Teflon high temperature cloth:
1. No release agent, low costs and environmental pollution.
2. It can ensure the complete demoulding, and the scrap rate reduces largely.
3. It is easy to demould is and does not easily bond with the products.

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