Application of Teflon High Temperature Cloth in Grinding Wheel Demoulding

Teflon high temperature cloth can be used as high-temperature cushion in the production process of resin grinding wheel. The anti-viscosity properties of Teflon material are used well in product performance. At the same time, high-strength fiberglass cloth has excellent temperature resistance, tensile strength, breathability and so on. These make the entire grinding wheel manufacturing industry free from the problems existing in traditional technology, and raise its level to a new height.

Using Teflon high temperature cloth as a grinding wheel molding process of high temperature diaphragm has the following advantages.

The surface of the grinding wheel is neat. The surface roughness and self-sharpness is improved, and the heat dissipation is good when cutting.

Because of the thin thickness of Teflon high temperature cloth (only 0.5MM), the low heat capacity makes the heat transfer speed increase, the sintering time of grinding wheel is shortened, and the energy saving is more than 20%.

Workers operating labor intensity is reduced. Work efficiency is improved. Especially the grinding wheel is separated without adhesion phenomenon, so it no longer need beat vibration. The finished product pass rate can be increased by 25% compared with the past.

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