Application of PTFE (Teflon) tape

The application industry of PTFE (Teflon) tape

1. Motor, high and low voltage electrical products, wire and cable insulation protection, battery manufacturing.

2.Sewing machine, shovel

3.Covering for rubber and plastic roller

4. Other places that require high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-sticking.

5. LCD, FPC/PCB and other optoelectronics industries

6. Food, pharmaceutical packaging industry

7. Plastic bag heat sealing machine, high speed sealing machine

8. Hot melt machine

Specific use for PTFE(Teflon) tape:

1. Copier rails

2. Lining material of gasket

3. Corrosive chemicals gasket

4. Lining of various mechanical sliding surfaces

5. Insulation of wires, cables and coils (for Class H electrical insulation)

6. Lining material of loading hopper

7. Sliding material used for the guide rail

8. Insulation material for heat sealing

9. Prevent glue, adhesion of stickers, etc.

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