The Slitting Process Of PTFE (Teflon) Tape

PTFE (Teflon) tape is generally produced in large rolls during production, and then splitting into small rolls according to customer requirements. The (PTFE) Teflon tape slitting process is as follows.

Quality requirements before slitting

  • All parts of the machine must be kept clean, no sundries stacked on the machine table, except for the product to be cut within 1m around the machine, other items should be cleared.
  • Confirm whether the specification of the splitting material matches the “production order” and confirm whether the product quality meets the smoothness, viscosity and strength required by the relevant customer.
  • The operator does not wear gloves to prevent the safety hazard from getting caught in the fabric.

The quality requirement of the tape after splitting

  • No hairiness or dirt after the slitting.
  • After the slitting, the length of the finished product must meet the standard, and the tolerance is ±1mm.
  • Keep the machine clean. All items must be classified and placed in a position to be placed in a random position.

Slitting step

  • Debug machine
  • Specification of the cut Teflon tape matches the “production order”
  • Set the length, winding count and winding speed according to the “production order”.
  • Appearance confirm after the operator has commissioned the machine, before slitting.
  • Pack after slitting.

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