How To Identify The Quality Of Teflon Conveyor Belt

The Teflon conveyor belt is a high temperature resistant food grade conveyor belt made of glass fiber as the base fabric and coated with Teflon emulsion. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high strength and corrosion resistance, and it is suitable for various types of food conveying and drying machines.

We can identify the quality of Teflon conveyor belt from five aspects.

  • The surface of the Teflon conveyor belt need to be smooth, without stains, burrs, filaments, scars, bumps, etc.
  • The side of the conveyor belt should be wrapped with smooth high temperature teflon cloth with a 0.13mm thickness, and the width of the edging shall not be less than 2.5CM.
  • The surface of the conveyor belt joint should be smooth, and no other appearance defects such as adhesive film and fiber filament are allowed; the upper part should be ground and cut.
  • The length, width and joint width of the Teflon conveyor belt should meet the requirements of the customer’s drawings. The relative positive and negative tolerances should be controlled within 3mm.
  • The weft strength and warp strength of the conveyor belt should meet the specified requirements, and the strength can be tested using the transverse and longitudinal tensile testers.

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