The quality of Teflon fiberglass cloth is the essence of price

Recently, some customers said that the price of our Teflon fiberglass cloth is a bit expensive, which surprised us. Jiujiang PTFE is a professional R&D, production and direct sales factory. We all have no intermediate traders. It is reasonable to say that our prices have absolute advantages. Later, the customer sent us a sample of the Teflon fiberglass cloth they used, after our engineers saw it, they fully understood why the Teflon fiberglass cloth on the sample was cheap, because it was an unqualified product.

In the case of a comparable production level, due to the limitation of production costs, the quality will be slightly worse when the price is lowered, and the quality is the guarantee for safe production. We purchase advanced production equipment to produce high quality products. The production efficiency of Teflon cloth with high quality and good performance will naturally increase. If we buy Teflon fiberglass cloth with a slightly lower quality in order to covet little advantages, the result will be Penny wise pound foolish.

Jiujiang PTFE Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Teflon products. We provide high quality Teflon products and related free sample services. If you feel that our products are expensive, you can contact us at [email protected] and our engineers will send you samples for free, when you compare it, you know that a good product corresponds to a good price. If you need to order a lower quality product, you can also contact us, we also accept customized product services.

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