Adjusting Teflon mesh belts safely and efficiently with automatic correcting device

In order to adapt to the historical development trend of the technology era, more and more Teflon mesh belts use enterprises to replace the old manual correcting device with automatic correcting device, This not only greatly prolongs the service life of the mesh belt, but also ensures the efficiency of production and the safety of production to a greater extent.

The automatic correcting device not only automatically adjusts the traction of the transmission to the driving wheel, but also automatically adjusts the tension on both sides of the Teflon mesh belt during operation. The conventional automatic correcting device is composed of an electric motor, a program controller, a transmission, a suspension cylinder, and the like. Among them, the far-infrared and ultraviolet-corrector are equipped with a large tension correcting device to correct the mesh belt, and at the same time equipped with a tension sensor to monitor the tension of the mesh belt. When the Teflon mesh belt has uneven tension on both sides and the drying device fails to operate normally, the program controller promptly issues a command to the corrector to adjust the tension of the mesh belt to ensure the safety of the drying equipment and the mesh belt.

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