Teflon Conveyor Belt Is The Mainstream In The Future

Teflon conveyor belt will be mainstream in the future for food, chemical industry, machinery and manufacturing, which is combined the advantages of PVC conveyor belt, polyurethane conveyor belt, polyester conveyor belt and PU conveyor belt.

Why teflon conveyor belt can become the king of light conveyor belt in just 30 years?

Why teflon conveyor belt can be widely used in all industry?

The main is the teflon high temperature conveyor belt with unique excellent performance.

  • Withstanding 300℃, and no shrinkage and deformation at high temperature.
  • The anti-adhesive properties can’t be found in other conveyor belts, especially for starch, flour, epoxy resin and plastic.
  • Among the conveyor belts with same thickness, the Teflon conveyor belt has the highest tensile strength and is one of the conveyor belts can transfer most kinds of material.
  • Teflon conveyor belt can also transport some corrosive chemical materials, which is not possible for other conveyor belts.

The above 4 points are the main performance of the Teflon conveyor belt, and it is not found from other material conveyor belts, so it will be the mainstream of light conveyor belt in the future.

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