PTFE mesh conveyor belt for heat transfer processing

In the actual use of laminated cloth, the laminating machine draperies are often lifted by a laminator silicone plate, it affects work efficiency and reduce product quality. How should we do if this situation is very serious? What is the reason for this situation?

To solve this problem, we have to know the laminated cloth. Laminated cloth, also known as solar laminator high temperature cloth. It is a high-performance material placed on the top and bottom of the PV module when the laminator presses the solar PV module, to prevent the EVA film and other materials from sticking to the laminator at high temperatures. As a laminated cloth, it is in direct contact with the silicone plate. After the contact, it is inevitable to generate static electricity, so the reason for this situation is clear, that’s because the friction generated static electricity, the laminated cloth is lifted by static electricity.

We already know the reason, if this problem is not serious, we can handle it by hand when the laminated cloth is lifted. Although it will have a little impact on efficiency, but will be not too much, it will be OK. But if the problem is very serious, how can we solve it? In fact, the method is simple, we can use anti-static laminated cloth. Adding anti-static agent when producing high temperature laminated cloth, so static electricity will not affect the laminated cloth.

Where hot air flow occasion and heat transfer conditions are suitable for use PTFE mesh conveyor belt, as follows.

A. Textile, printing and dyeing industry
Printing drying, dyeing and drying cloth, fabric shrink drying, non-woven drying tunnel and drying room conveyor belt.

B. Screen, printing industry
Loose dryer, offset press, UV series light curing machine, paper oil drying, UV drying, plastic products silk screen drying tunnel and drying room conveyor belt.

C. Other industries
High frequency drying, microwave drying, freezing and thawing of various types of food, baking, shrinkage of packaged goods, general moisture content items drying, quick-drying solvent-based inks and other drying room conveyor belt.

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