How To Treat The Damaged Teflon Mesh Belt

Teflon mesh belt is food grade with excellent high temperature resistance and large number of users, but it will be worn when it is used, especially 24 hrs continuous working will accelerate the wear and tear of teflon coating.

In order to prevent car engine wearing, people use oil to lubricate machinery equipment. The teflon mesh belt transported all day long without interrupt, what we need to do after the wear and tear is to repair. The repair work is based on the wearing condition of the conveyor belt.

If the main structure is in good condition, only the edge of belt is damaged, then we only repair the damaged part with a high temperature iron & teflon film.

If any big damage in the middle of the mesh belt, please stop using it to avoid breakage.

If there is damage to the joint, it may cause the breakage of the belt if the transmission is continued, in this case, a new joint shall be made and replaced the damaged joint, then you can use the belt.

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