High Temperature Teflon Cloth Applied To Photovoltaic Cell Laminator

Nowadays, countries all over the world are vigorously developing clean energy, and the photovoltaic cell industry has developed rapidly. Photovoltaic cells require a laminator and a high temperature Teflon cloth during the manufacturing process.

Our company has exported a large number of Teflon high temperature fabrics to the United States, Germany and South Korea in the past few years. Customers who purchase our Teflon high temperature fabrics are mainly used to manufacture photovoltaic cells. Many customers have feedback to us that the quality of the Teflon high temperature fabric of the laminator will be directly reflected on the laminated battery components and ultimately affect the service life of the photovoltaic cells.

Therefore, our factory uses the very strict Teflon high temperature cloth inspection standard when testing the quality of Teflon high temperature cloth.

First, under good light conditions, 400mm from the surface of the high-temperature cloth is observed with the naked eye. If necessary, use a magnifying glass to check to ensure that the surface of the high-temperature tarpaulin is smooth, no yarn jumping, no defects, no wrinkles, cracks, perforations. And other defects that affect performance.

Next, the tensile strength of the laminating machine high temperature cloth was examined by means of a tensile tester.

Finally, the length and width of the Teflon high temperature cloth are measured by a tape measure and a micrometer. The allowable deviation of the length and width is ±1 mm, and the thickness tolerance must be controlled to ±0.02 mm.

In this case, it is necessary to remind the users that some manufacturers will tell you that the thickness tolerance of Teflon high temperature cloth will be ±0.03mm or even ±0.04mm, which is a wrong behavior. Because the product costs of the two tolerances are completely different, the price difference is also relatively large.

Jiujiang PTFE Composite Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sale of Teflon high temperature fabrics. We offer different series of high temperature fabrics, whether from high-end photovoltaic industry Teflon high temperature fabrics, or ordinary civilian grade Teflon High temperature cloth, we can all manufacture.

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