Factors That Cause Teflon Tape To Be Poorly Tacky

The viscosity of the Teflon tape determines the quality of the Teflon tape. Teflon tapes produced by different silicone pressure sensitive adhesives with different stickiness. At the same time, Teflon high-temperature cloth syrup treatment or sodium treatment is not good, this will lead to poor adhesion of Teflon tape. There are also many points of attention in use. For example, if Teflon tape is to be attached to the surface of the drum or iron plate, we must pre-treat the surface to be affixed to ensure that the surface is free of dust and oil. If there is paint, it must be removed because of the paint. Generally it is not resistant to high temperatures. The oil removal of the surface is generally done with toluene, alcohol, and a thinner used by painters.

The preservation of Teflon high temperature cloth is also a very important factor. Generally, when used the remaining Teflon tape . We must seal and store it with a plastic bag . If it is not sealed with a plastic bag, the silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive will have a viscosity drop over a period of time. If exposed to air, it will speed up the degumming of the Teflon tape, resulting in poor adhesion.

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