The working principle of high temperature teflon cloth in the production process of solar photovoltaic materials

When the laminator presses the solar photovoltaic module material, the teflon coated fiberglass fabric is placed on the uppermost layer and the bottommost layer of the photovoltaic module respectively, as a cover cloth. The anti-stick properties of high temperature teflon cloth to prevent EVA film and other materials from sticking to the laminator at high temperature.

High temperature teflon cloth for lamination in laminator

The material sequence of the back sheet laminate is teflon coated fiberglass fabric + glass + EVA + battery sheet + EVA + back sheet + teflon coated fiberglass fabric, mainly using Teflon’s anti-adhesive to prevent EVA from sticking to the laminating machine.

Specifications: Small laminating machine 1.25 meters wide, large laminating machine 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.2m, 2.4 m wide, the length is generally within 6 meters.

High temperature teflon conveyor belt for conveyor belt in laminating machine

The inner panel of the automatic laminating machine is conveyed by a high-temperature and anti-adhesive high temperature teflon conveyor belt. Since the laminating machine is vacuumed, in order to prevent the cloth from being sucked, the surface of the cloth is required to have a grain, the tension of the high temperature teflon conveyor belt should not be too large when it is transported.

The flatness of the surface of high temperature Teflon cloth is a very demanding process standard, and the flatness of the surface directly affects the quality and performance of the downstream Teflon tape products.

In addition, high temperature Teflon cloth is an indispensable material for solar photovoltaic cells. When using high temperature Teflon cloth, the surface must be smooth and flat, otherwise the pressed photovoltaic products will be scrapped. The Teflon cloth used for the conveyor belt also requires that the surface be flatter and better. Otherwise, the conveyor belt will be deflected or the wear will be accelerated, resulting in a greatly reduced service life of the product.

So , how to deal with the pimple on the surface of high temperature Teflon cloth

First, the particles in the raw materials need to be strictly controlled in the production process, and fully filtered to ensure that the tetrafluoro emulsion does not contain any impurities.
Secondly, during the production process, it should run as evenly as possible. If the speed is not uniform, the thickness of the glue will be inconsistent.
Finally, the inspection of the finished product is very important. If it is found that there is obvious flaw, it can be cut with a small blade and can be easily removed, but it should be handled with great care.

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