PTFE glass fiber cloth is usually called Teflon coated fiberglass fabric, which is made of suspended polytetrafluoroethylene emulsion as raw material and impregnated with high-performance glass fiber cloth. It is a new high-performance, multi-purpose composite material product.

Our engineers have developed and produced Teflon coated fiberglass fabric for more than ten years. We found that in 2021, more and more industries use PTFE cloth. Compared with ten years ago, PTFE cloth has more and more uses. It is no longer a new type of composite material, but a universal material that is known to people.

PTFE glass fiber cloth is high temperature resistant and food-grade safety. More and more people are accepting to use it.

At present, many families use PTFE cloth in microwave gaskets, oven slices, and food drying.

Teflon fabric has high temperature resistance, non-stickiness and excellent electrical properties, making it an important new application market in 2021: clean energy.

With the explosive growth of the global new energy automobile industry in 2021, Teflon high temperature cloth is widely used in clean energy solar equipment.

When producing PTFE glass fiber cloth, you can choose different PTFE emulsion formulations, or you can choose different specifications of glass fiber cloth, through professional equipment to produce various thickness, weight, color, temperature resistance grade, tensile strength and products with different surface textures.

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Printing machines are no longer limited to printing paper and fabrics. More and more products are beginning to try printing patterns and DIY various items. The Teflon conveyor belt is a very useful accessory on these printing machines.

We produce Teflon conveyor belts specially used on printing machines. These conveyor belts have various meshes and good air permeability. They are very suitable for textile printing and dyeing, printing drying belts, screen printing and other fast drying and general moisture content items Drying equipment.

The Teflon conveyor belt used on the printing machine has very good high temperature resistance and can work for a long time in a high temperature environment of 200°C to 340°C. The friction coefficient of the Teflon conveyor belt is small, and the Teflon conveyor belt itself has good insulation and non-stick properties.

For the Teflon conveyor belt on the printing machine, we provide a reinforced Bull nose joints. The belt with this type of joint has a long service life and can withstand large instantaneous traction. In addition, we also provide Teflon joints such as butt-type joints, Overlapping joints, thinned lap joints, steel buckle joints, etc., to meet the use of different equipment environments.

Our conveyor belt edging methods are mainly: Teflon membrane edging, Kevlar cloth edging and Teflon cloth edging.

Different printing machines have different requirements for width, we provide 50mm-1500mm wide Teflon conveyor belts. For ultra-wide equipment, we support customizing wider Teflon conveyor belts or adopting double-latitude Teflon conveyor belts.

The performance parameters of Teflon conveyor belts produced from different raw materials are inconsistent, and the prices are also different. We provide Teflon conveyor belts made of high-strength glass fiber and Kevlar. Select Teflon emulsion with various performance characteristics, and the final Teflon conveyor belt produced has different characteristics, such as higher temperature resistance and good anti-static performance.

The performance of similar Teflon conveyor belts will be very different. Jiujiang PTFE is a factory specializing in the development and production of Teflon conveyor belts. If you need Teflon conveyor belts, please contact our engineer at for free samples of Teflon conveyor belts. We provide professional technical guidance.

Teflon conveyor belts are mainly divided into two categories: seamless connected teflon belts and mesh teflon belts. Teflon mesh conveyor belt not only has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and non-stickiness, but also has many meshes on the surface, so the air permeability is excellent. Therefore, many garment industries use High Temperature Teflon Belt on the printing machine.

Jiujiang PTFE specializes in the production of Teflon products, and has developed cost-effective High Temperature Teflon Belt for garment industry.

Common printing machines, dyeing and finishing machines, printing and dyeing dryers, shrinking machines and other equipment can be equipped with our High Temperature Teflon Belt. The following describes how to install the teflon mesh conveyor belt on the printing machine.

Put on the flexible rotating air shaft on the teflon belt winding core, and set the belt roll up. Before putting it on the shelf, make sure that the direction of the upper and lower cover glue is not reversed. In the workplace where it is not suitable to be put on the shelf, the Teflon mesh belt roll can be guided away, and the folding part of the teflon mesh conveyor belt has a large enough radius of curvature. In order to prevent damage to the Teflon mesh belt, it is forbidden to place heavy objects on the Teflon mesh belt at the fold. To replace the Teflon mesh belt, the new belt and the old belt can be connected together, and the unloading and installation of the new Teflon mesh belt are carried out at the same time.

For the horizontally running non-woven printing machine, the old non-woven printing machine can be cut off at any point.

For non-woven printing machines operating in an oblique direction, the cutting point must be selected to prevent losing control due to its own weight.

After setting the position of the new belt on the non-woven printing machine, fix one end of the tape with a clamp, and then connect it with the rope that goes around the roller and the pulley, and use the traction device to balance the Teflon mesh belt on the textile printing machine, prevent the Teflon mesh belt and the frame from squeezing each other when pulling.

Fix one end of the Teflon mesh belt on the non-woven printing frame with a clamp, and pull the other end tightly with the pulley until the Teflon mesh belt does not sag significantly on the return roller.

Correct and standardized installation standards can not only ensure the smooth progress of installation, but also increase the speed of installation. Each factory should provide complete operating standards when producing.

Please contact us for free samples of Teflon conveyor belts to learn more about the applications of Teflon conveyor belts.

High temperature Teflon cloth is a high-performance, multi-purpose new composite material product, with the advantages of high temperature resistance and high tensile strength. At present, in addition to being used in machinery, printing and dyeing, clothing, food and other industries, it is also used in the optoelectronic industry. It can be used for a long time within 260°C for 24 hours, and can reach a high temperature of 380°C in a short time; the product has a long service life, and the average can reach 3000 times; the product surface is divided into smooth or various weaving patterns. Some customized high temperature Teflon cloths last longer.

  • High temperature Teflon cloth can be used as solar photovoltaic vacuum laminate cloth

With the promotion of clean energy and the vigorous development of solar energy, high temperature Teflon cloth now has an important use, and high temperature Teflon cloth is used as a solar photovoltaic vacuum laminate cloth.

When used as a solar laminate fabric, when the laminate presses the solar photovoltaic module, the high temperature Teflon cloth is used as a cover cloth or a cushion cloth, which is placed on the upper and bottom layers of the photovoltaic module to take advantage of its anti-adhesive properties. Prevent EVA film and other substances from sticking to the laminate under the influence of high temperature.

  • High temperature Teflon cloth can be used as a conveyor belt for solar panels

In the photovoltaic industry, high-temperature Teflon cloth can be used as a conveyor belt in addition to being used as a laminate cloth in the solar photovoltaic vacuum layer.

High temperature Teflon cloth can be used as the conveyor belt in the laminate. The battery panels in the automatic laminate need to be transported through a high temperature resistant and anti-stick conveyor belt. However, the inside of the laminate is evacuated, and the surface of the cloth must be textured, and the cloth must not be sucked. The tension of the conveyor belt cannot be too high when it is conveyed. Under such conditions, Teflon conveyor belts made of Teflon high-temperature cloth come in handy.

If you want to know more about the use of high temperature Teflon cloth and get free samples of high temperature Teflon cloth, please contact our engineer

PTFE coated fiberglass fabric is made of high performance fiberglass fabric impregnated with PTFE emulsion. It is a new composite material with high performance and many applications.

Jiujiang PTFE, as a factory specializing in the production of Teflon Fabric series products, is optimistic about the future of Teflon Cloth series. In order to serve customers, produce more high-quality Teflon products, and meet the performance demands of customers and the market for PTFE coated fiberglass fabric in the future, our company has drawn the following conclusions through market research.

  • In future, PTFE coated fiberglass fabric will be lighter, with stronger strength, wear resistance, anti-age, adhesive will be enhanced accordingly.
  • To increase the PTFE coated fiberglass fabric production speed, reduce the production scrap rate & energy consumption, improve the technology content and increase product added value via the enterprise scale-up, standardization, and large machinery industrial production.
  • To optimize production structure, improve the sales strategy, enhance after-sales service and technical support team in order to solve the problems in the process of using for customers.
  • More customized PTFE coated fiberglass fabric will appear, like antistatic PTFE coated fiberglass fabric, customized PTFE coated fiberglass fabric in special environment will be more and more.

PTFE coated fiberglass fabric will be applied in more industry fields for the excellent anti-aging properties.

PTFE coated fiberglass fabric can be used between -196℃ and 360℃, which is weather-resistant and anti-aging. After practical application, if PTFE coated fiberglass fabric be placed continuously for 200 days at 250℃, not only the strength will not be reduced, but also the weight will not be reduced; When it be placed at 380℃ for 120 hours, the weight only decreased about 0.6%; In the case of -180℃ ultra-low temperature will not crack, and maintain the original softness.

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Teflon conveyor belts are high temperature resistant and food-grade materials, which are used on many conveyors. By installing a Teflon conveyor belt, the conveyor can continuously carry various items on a certain line, with low operating costs and a wide range of applications. The installation and debugging of Teflon conveyor belt on the conveyor should pay attention to the following details.

When the manufacturer delivers, the Teflon conveyor belt is generally rolled, with a paper tube as the core, and the Teflon conveyor belt is wound on the paper tube. In order to prevent the Teflon conveyor belt from being damaged during transportation, it is usually shipped in a box or fixed by a shelf. When receiving the goods, especially when unpacking, pay attention to avoid bumping.

As a supplier of Teflon conveyor belts in the European market, we have many Teflon conveyor belts sent to Europe. Usually we will pack the belts in wooden box, and then arrive at the customer’s port by sea.

Remove the packaging of the Teflon conveyor belt and check carefully for abnormal damage, after confirming that it is correct, you can use the air expansion shaft to insert it into the paper tube, different lengths of Teflon conveyor belts use different diameters of paper tubes, when using the air expansion shaft, pay attention to the size to avoid damaging the paper tube or the air expansion shaft.

We provide multiple specifications of winding paper tubes for Teflon conveyor belts. If you have special size requirements, you can contact us for customization.

After the air expansion shaft is fixed, use a lifting tool to place the Teflon conveyor belt on the workbench. Installation can be carried out after the conveyor is stopped. The equipment must be fixed during installation, and expansion bolts can be used. The Teflon conveyor belt and the conveyor should be kept level, and the center line can be drawn according to the drawing to ensure the coincidence and the flexible movement of various moving parts. When the installation is completed, the site needs to be cleaned to avoid damage to the Teflon conveyor belt caused by foreign objects.

After the installation is completed, the conveyor is debugged. When debugging, each single device can be manually tested and combined to debug and use to see if it can meet the action requirements. Before commissioning, fill the reducer and moving parts with corresponding lubricating oil. In order to make the equipment have good performance and achieve the designed function and state, debugging the electrical part of the Teflon conveyor belt includes the debugging of conventional electrical wiring and actions.

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Is the baking sheet a high temperature Teflon cloth? Many people are looking for baking platters. In fact, there are many kinds of baking platters. However, in our industry, baking platters actually refer to high-temperature Teflon fabrics. Also known as Teflon baking platters.

Teflon platter is a kind of high temperature Teflon cloth which can be used repeatedly in the baking tray of the oven. It is made of Teflon coated with glass fiber cloth, and then cut according to the shape of the baking tray. The specific shape or specific specification becomes the Teflon baking plate used on the baking tray.

Teflon baking pans generally have two functions: for food heating and as oven gaskets, all of which utilize the high temperature resistance and anti-stick properties of high temperature cloth. This product is a non-toxic environmentally friendly product that can be reused. Therefore, it has been widely used in food processing industries such as bread processing, cakes and biscuits.

The common specifications of Teflon baking plates are 380cm×580cm, and the thickness is 0.08MM and 0.13MM. The actual size can be cut according to customer requirements, but the loss according to the specific specifications is different. Therefore, it also affects the price of each baking sheet.

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As a factory specializing in the production of Teflon series products, we deeply understand that environmental protection and safety matters are very important for the entire factory.

For example, the workshop of Teflon coated glass fabric we produce, every time Teflon high-temperature cloth is cut, there will be fine glass fiber filaments floating in the air.

Teflon coated glass fabric is made from glass fiber fabric and Teflon emulsion, with the production of Teflon coated glass fabric, continuous cutting, continuously increasing the number of glass fiber filaments floating in the air, when the number accumulates to a lot, if the worker stays in the workshop for many years, the glass fiber filaments may enter the worker’s body through the hair, skin, blood and pores, causing health risks.

In view of this situation, it is recommended that workers wear protective clothing and gloves when working. And as a worker’s assessment requirements, it is mandatory for workers to wear complete. At the same time, the workshop should be ventilated, and a humidifier should be installed to increase the air humidity and reduce the concentration of floating glass fiber filaments in the workshop air.

Teflon coated glass fabric should also be dealt with in environmental protection.

Because Teflon coated glass fabric has corrosion resistance, insoluble in acid and alkali chemical solvents. This is the product advantage of Teflon coated glass fabric, but it is also a disadvantage for discarded Teflon coated glass fabric. Because of the existence of these characteristics, the discarded Teflon coated glass fabric is difficult to be decomposed by the soil.

As a factory producing Teflon high-temperature cloth, we call on our peers to work together, we should pay attention and take action whether it is the protection of the safety of life of production workers or the treatment of environmental protection.

Recently, engineers from Jiujiang PTFE received feedback from customers saying that they bought fake high temperature Teflon cloth from others because they found that these fake high temperature Teflon cloth still stick to the surface, but from Jiujiang PTFE. The high temperature Teflon cloth purchased is not sticky.

Here, Jiujiang PTFE reminds the user who needs to buy high temperature Teflon cloth.

high temperature Teflon cloth can not prevent the effect of adhesion, a large aspect is the quality of the manufacturer’s products, good Teflon coating and production process is the guarantee of product quality.

Before you buy high temperature Teflon cloth, remember to let the manufacturer mail the sample and do the anti-stick test yourself after receiving the sample. Once confirmed, buy it.

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In order to adapt to the historical development trend of the technology era, more and more Teflon mesh belts use enterprises to replace the old manual correcting device with automatic correcting device, This not only greatly prolongs the service life of the mesh belt, but also ensures the efficiency of production and the safety of production to a greater extent.

The automatic correcting device not only automatically adjusts the traction of the transmission to the driving wheel, but also automatically adjusts the tension on both sides of the Teflon mesh belt during operation. The conventional automatic correcting device is composed of an electric motor, a program controller, a transmission, a suspension cylinder, and the like. Among them, the far-infrared and ultraviolet-corrector are equipped with a large tension correcting device to correct the mesh belt, and at the same time equipped with a tension sensor to monitor the tension of the mesh belt. When the Teflon mesh belt has uneven tension on both sides and the drying device fails to operate normally, the program controller promptly issues a command to the corrector to adjust the tension of the mesh belt to ensure the safety of the drying equipment and the mesh belt.

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