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Which is the Best Conveyor Belt for Food Grade Salt

Food safe relate to our human life, everyone eat salt everyday, during salt manufacturing, conveyor belt participate directly in processing, which is the best convey belt, how do we choose it? Science and technology are first important thing in industry manufacturing, all industries are focus on scientific and technological development and are producing and developing […]

Application Scenarios of PTFE Glass Fiber Cloth in 2021

PTFE glass fiber cloth is usually called Teflon coated fiberglass fabric, which is made of suspended polytetrafluoroethylene emulsion as raw material and impregnated with high-performance glass fiber cloth. It is a new high-performance, multi-purpose composite material product. Our engineers have developed and produced Teflon coated fiberglass fabric for more than ten years. We found that […]

Teflon Conveyor Belt Used in Printing Machine

Printing machines are no longer limited to printing paper and fabrics. More and more products are beginning to try printing patterns and DIY various items. The Teflon conveyor belt is a very useful accessory on these printing machines. We produce Teflon conveyor belts specially used on printing machines. These conveyor belts have various meshes and […]

Application of High Temperature Teflon Belt on Garment Printing Machine

Teflon conveyor belts are mainly divided into two categories: seamless connected teflon belts and mesh teflon belts. Teflon mesh conveyor belt not only has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and non-stickiness, but also has many meshes on the surface, so the air permeability is excellent. Therefore, many garment industries use High Temperature Teflon Belt […]

What is the maximum temperature that Teflon tape can withstand?

Using glass fiber as the base cloth, coated with Teflon emulsion and dried by mechanical equipment, a new type of composite Teflon glass fiber cloth is made. On the basis of Teflon glass fiber cloth, it is processed and coated with silicone adhesive to make Teflon high temperature resistant tape. Adding other processes in the […]

Future Development of Teflon Coated Fiberglass Fabric

PTFE coated fiberglass fabric is made of high performance fiberglass fabric impregnated with PTFE emulsion. It is a new composite material with high performance and many applications. Jiujiang PTFE, as a factory specializing in the production of Teflon Fabric series products, is optimistic about the future of Teflon Cloth series. In order to serve customers, […]

Which industries are Teflon coated glass fabric used in?

Teflon coated glass fabric inherits the dual characteristics of glass fiber fabric and Teflon, it has excellent performance in high temperature resistance, non-stick, food-grade easy cleaning, and has been widely used in many industries. Application of Teflon coated glass fabric in packaging industry Teflon coated glass fabric is used for packaging all kinds of food, […]

Installation and debugging of Teflon conveyor belt on conveyor

Teflon conveyor belts are high temperature resistant and food-grade materials, which are used on many conveyors. By installing a Teflon conveyor belt, the conveyor can continuously carry various items on a certain line, with low operating costs and a wide range of applications. The installation and debugging of Teflon conveyor belt on the conveyor should […]

Proper use of Teflon conveyor belt

Reasonable and standardized use of Teflon conveyor belt can extend the service life of the conveyor belt. Non stick PTFE open mesh conveyor belt is also called Teflon mesh belt、high temperature PTFE mesh, Teflon conveyor belt is divided into Teflon mesh conveyor belt and Teflon coated fiberglass belt, Both of them are using glass fiber […]